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About the artists 
we collaborate with for puzzles images 

Cindi Williams


Meet the Artist
Hi, I’m Cindi Williams. I'm originally from Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania but moved to Ohio after finishing college.  I have
a Bachelor’s of Science from Ohio University, and have worked
in IT for the since 1994.
In 2013 I bought my first 'real' camera (Canon Rebel T5i, for
those who are interested), and started taking pictures around
Cincinnati.  I became a member of the Cincinnati Nature Center,
entered their annual photo contest, and won 2nd place for 2
photographs.  I then was invited to be in their annual photo
show, Nature in Focus.  I started doing some in-person shows
and selling on Etsy. Since then I’ve done many more shows
including Cincinnati Summerfair and the Hyde Park Art Show,
moved to my own web site, added prints to several shops, and
began a collaboration with another artist on laser cut puzzles.
My photos tend to focus on plants, animals, and landscapes.

also haul my gear on vacation for some more exotic locations.
Please check out my work, and if you find something you like, consider bringing it home.
Web site:
FB and IG: @cawphotographystudio


Ben Park


Hello, thanks for stopping by! My names Ben Park and I have been

doing photography for about 3 years now. I actually started in film and

started doing photography for fun. I’ve always loved exploring new places

and discovering beautiful locations. And capturing all the amazing scenery.

The photos don't do the locations justice.

It's one of those "you have to see it for yourself" kind of things.

But I wanted to share the journey and hope to bring others

along for the ride.


Stephen Wheeler


Stephen's Story:

I grew up on a “Holler” (no one called it a hollow) in the heart of Appalachian Kentucky. My hometown was as colorful and neighborly as it was dysfunctional and poor.

I had a ludicrously happy childhood, filled with rushing creeks, skinned knees, and back porch music. Sixth of seven siblings, I was quiet and overshadowed in my early years. Creating remarkable drawings and stories was my way of edging into a contested limelight.

Becoming an Artist:

Elation filled me as I gathered up my finished illustrations. At age ten, with less than 48 hours between concept and completion, I had created a book for my sister’s birthday. I was awed by the realization of my creative vision and thrilled with anticipation of the joy my gift would bring. I have made art for many years since then, but that was the moment I became an artist and I still believe the best art begins and ends as a gift!


 Art is my gift to you- I hope it brings you joy!

self portrait.webp

Gavin Gerundo


My journey as an artist has taken me through many mediums

and forms of expression throughout my life. What started as

a childhood full of crayons and coloring in fuzzy posters

transformed into a life of creation. I began my real strive

towards expressing myself in my early double digits as

I tooled with the typical forms of creation seeking to find

my way to create something truly beautiful.


Growing up in Cincinnati, OH I began to narrow my focus

of artistic endeavors in secondary school as I search for my

niche. I began to hone in on a variety of things from

photography to ceramics to costume design through

these years until I ultimately came to the road of higher

education. I spent my first years at university studying

Industrial Design learning the foundations of drawing

and clearly communicating concepts visually.

While I enjoyed the rigorous program,

my life was flipped on its head when I began to explore

psychedelic concepts and a more abstract view on the world

of art. 


While I had been trained to draw very physical, tangible, and “correct” ideas, I found my mind wandering away from repetitive drawings of consumer products towards a loftier plain of thought. In 2014, I began to paint in the budding music and art scene of Cincinnati, OH. I quickly fell into live painting at these events and channeling the wild energy of the music, lights, and people that made these places so colorful.


My painting journey began with a brand called Gonzo Gear which featured painted leather jackets, vest, and other accessories after people began to comment on my personal painted Gear. As the ideas expanded, the canvas needed to follow suite. I began to stretch my own leather canvasses and embarked on the journey of creation. From here, I began to work amongst the inspiring community of live artists at festivals around the country and expanded my artistic knowledge with the power of contemporary painters across the country.


Since this journey, I have had the pleasure of traveling to 48 states to create my art and hone my practice alongside hundreds of musical and artistic acts. I have had the pleasure to tour with bands like Papadosio and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, study under contemporary visionaries like Alex Grey and Chris Dyer, and present solo shows in cities from Denver to Chicago.


In 2020, when we were forced to sit still for a moment, I shifted my attention to a dedicated home studio practice and had my perception of what art is flipped upside down once more. As I tinkered away on the arts at home, I started to think about how the objects that filled my home had room to become beautiful one of a kind works of art in addition to the artwork adorning the walls. What started with an old wooden radio turned into a year of prolific furniture painting creating over 100 pieces of hand painted furniture custom ordered from around the globe!


Currently, I reside in the thriving creative community of Asheville, NC amongst the mountains and waterfalls between my travels. My idea of “art” has expanded to infinite portions and I persevere to continue to push the bounds of creation to infinite limits and beyond!



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Sunshine Photography

by Janice Redden

My work is inspired by the intricate
elements that catch my eye, where I strive to
capture them through the lens of
my camera. Each photograph I create is a visual journey, inviting my
audience to discover something new with every viewing.
Through my work, I specialize in macro
photography, where I delve into the realm of the minuscule and reveal
vibrant colors through unique lighting techniques. The softness and
delicacy of these images create a sense of intimacy, drawing viewers

into a world that often goes unnoticed.

In addition to macro photography, I also explore the captivating
landscapes that hold our attention. I aim to depict familiar scenes that
folks can relate to, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reminding us of
earlier, simpler times. These images serve as visual narratives, telling
stories that resonate with the viewer’s own experiences.
As an artist, my goal is to create moments frozen in time that can

be shared and experienced by all who encounter my images.

I believe that art has the power to connect people, to evoke emotions,

and spark memories. Through my photographs, I hope to transport

viewers to a place of wonder, where they can find solace, inspiration,

and a renewed appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.
National Battlefield Park Scenic Michigan Art Exhibition (2020-2023), Downriver

Council for the Art in Wyandotte (2020), Petoskey Art in the Park (2021), the Allen Park Street Fair (2021),
St. Julian Winery & Distillery Tasting Room, Dundee (2023) and Tallgrass Arts Association, Park Forest, IL (2023).

Currently displayed at Troy Family Dentistry and Lotus Financial in Michigan.

Michael Obrycki 

Digital Artist/Photographer


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